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Are You a Practice or a Health Care System in Search of a Physician?

We are here to help.

We understand that every health care system or practice has its unique set of requirements, and we want to ensure that your health care organization has the talent it needs to grow and flourish.

We have access to a vast network of qualified Physicians specializing in most fields and that is why we've joined forces with the Wisconsin Medical Society.

The best part is that you get access to a discounted rate through your Wisconsin Medical Society membership! Connect with us today to get started or use the questions below to learn more.

What is the purpose of this service?

Our Titus Talent Strategies team is equipped with several talent strategy experts in the health care field. We're partnering with the Wisconsin Medical Society to ensure every health care organization has the talent it needs to grow and flourish.

What benefits does my membership give me?
As a member, you get to utilize Titus Talent services at an exclusive discounted rate.
What if I am a private practice looking for one physician?
We can help with any of your people needs. We look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart and The Briefcase for hiring success, and our Talent Optimization Division is skilled in helping our Partners get the best out of their People, both pre- and post-hire, in order to meet their business objectives
What if I am a large system looking for multiple physicians?
We can help with any of your people needs. With our Extension: Performance-Based Hiring, you get peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best performance-based recruiting experience possible. 
What if I am a practice manager interested in filling other needs?
Our nationwide team of consultants are experts in identifying, pursuing, and ultimately providing our Partners solutions to any of their talent strategy needs. As a Predictive Index (P.I.) Certified Partner, it is our goal to enable you to identify what the ideal candidate looks like for any role. 

*geographical restrictions may apply

Are You a Physician Looking For a New Opportunity?

We have something for everyone.

We have made looking for a new opportunity easier than ever before by consolidating all of the best Wisconsin Physician jobs in one confidential and easy-to-use place. Employers are constantly searching our database for physicians like you that match their needs. 

Will this cost me anything?
Not a dime! This is a membership perk for you to get connected with a representative with Titus Talent Strategies.
Will my current employer know I am looking for a new position?
No, this is a confidential service provided to you through your membership.
Does it matter what specialty I practice?
No, we are happy to connect with Physicians of all practices and specialties.
What is the next step?

We can get you started in just 3 simple steps:

  • We will connect you with a representative of Titus Talent Strategies to discuss your goals in future employment opportunities. Location, practice size, etc.
  • You will fill out the comment card with your preferred method of contact to connect.
  • You will also provide a copy of your CV.

*geographical restrictions may apply


About Titus Talent

In order to find health care professionals that are dedicated, you need a health care recruitment partner that understands your specific hiring challenges. Titus Talent Strategies uses unique healthcare recruitment strategies to identify, attract, and hire passionate health care workers.

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Our Partnership

Working Together for a Healthier Wisconsin

It is critical that we have high-quality physicians and health care providers seeing patients throughout Wisconsin. Titus Talent Strategies has joined forces with the Wisconsin Medical Society to equip your organization to make the best attraction, engagement, hiring, and development decisions. Working together we can help you meet your people, performance, and health care objectives.

Have a question? 

We will do our best to find you an answer. Fill out the form with any questions you may have, and we will be sure to connect you with the correct people and resources.