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At Titus U, we focus on what really matters: behavior changes that lead to high trust, high performance workplaces. Our interactive learning opportunities unlock team and leadership potential and inspire a drive for continuous growth. We offer both reoccurring virtual sessions and customized solutions for your specific organizational needs and culture. We're solution-focused, relationship-invested, and People-First.

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Introduction to Hire 4 Performance

AUDIENCE: Recruiters, HR Professionals, Hiring Managers
CREDENTIALS: 2 SHRM/HRCI Credits upon completion
UPCOMING DATES: June 14, July 18
PRICE: $200

One of the most expensive mistakes an organization can make is hiring without a tried-and-true process. At Titus, we're all about leveraging proven practices to ensure we get the right people in the right seats. This course gives you an introduction to that revolutionary hiring process, Hire 4 Performance. Click learn more to see our full training schedule and find a date that works for you.


Recruiting for Diversity Certification

AUDIENCE: HR Professionals, Recruiters, Leaders
CREDENTIALS: 4 SHRM/HRCI Credits + Certification badge
UPCOMING DATES: June 8, July 12, August 14
PRICE: $500

Many organizations hope for a diverse workforce, but few have a clear understanding of the why, what, and how behind diversity initiatives. Walk away with the tools to implement best practices in attracting, sourcing, and selecting to increase diversity and minimize bias in your hiring process.


Hire 4 Performance Certification

AUDIENCE: Recruiters, HR Professionals, Hiring Managers
CREDENTIALS: SHRM/HRCI 10 Credits upon completion + Certification badge
UPCOMING DATES: June 20-22, July 25-27
PRICE: $2500

Want to know all our secrets to hiring the best candidate for the job? Take this course. We invite you to join the exact training we use for our recruiting consultants at Titus. Leave these sessions empowered to implement Hire 4 Performance methods in your organization.


People-Centric Hiring: Head, Heart, Briefcase

AUDIENCE: All employees
UPCOMING DATES: June 6, July 19

What are you capturing in your interviewing process? This free session provides an inside glimpse into our methods for measuring cognitive ability, value alignment, and relevant experience to understand a candidate's motivational wiring and competence holistically.


Feedback as a Gift

AUDIENCE: All employees
UPCOMING DATES: June 15, July 21
PRICE: $200

Quality feedback from a highly credible source is one of the most powerful ways to retain and engage your people. Walk away from this session knowing the key components of quality feedback and how to give and receive feedback as a gift. Click learn more to see our full training schedule and find a date that works for you.


Lead By Coaching

AUDIENCE: All employees
UPCOMING DATES: June 29, July 17, August 9
PRICE: $200

Coaching has a profound impact on people, performance, and culture. Organizations with a coaching culture experience everything from increased employee belonging to greater revenue and shareholder value. What is coaching, how is it done, and what makes it so powerful? Find out in this value-packed session.

Upcoming Webinars

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Webinar Card - The Coaching Difference Speakers

The Coaching Difference

Thursday, May 25th | 11:00 - 11:45 AM CT
The best leaders are coaches. Join us for a dynamic conversation on what coaching is, how it works, and why it has become one of the most highly sought after leadership skills. The Coaching Difference Webinar
Webinar Card - The 4 Steps to a Coaching Conversation Speakers

The 4 Steps to a Coaching Conversation

Thursday, June 22nd | 12:00 - 12:45 PM CT
Join us to unpack our four-steps for a successful coaching conversation. Learn to motivate and engage anyone by using this framework.

Webinars On-Demand

Take a look back at some of our past webinars to catch up on what you may have missed.

Psychological safety is not a warm fuzzy feeling. On the contrary, a psychologically safe work environment encourages people to communicate candidly, put forth their best ideas, and engage in sharp conversations that push your company forward. 

The Art of Asking: Why Leaders Should Listen

Although the art of listening is frequently the difference between leadership success and failure, it is often taken for granted. Authentically asking and listening to your team is not just about hearing what people say, but also what they don’t say.  

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Want to create high-performing teams? It’s time to transform from a manager to a coach. Coaching and collaboration have taken over as the most effective way for managers to accelerate the development of employees and lift their organizations to higher levels of achievement. Download our Turning Managers Into Coaches guide to learn more.

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