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Titus Talent Strategies has truly become our most valued resource for strategic recruiting.  We have built a strong partnership over the past three years, allowing us to fully utilize their customizable services.  Whether it be entry-level or executive-level roles, they have proven an unmatched ability to deliver consistent results.

Vice President, Experiential Marketing Company

We know that no two sales and marketing companies are alike; each one faces unique challenges especially in such a fiercely competitive industry. But we can all agree that there are some universal concerns in the world of sales and marketing recruiting.

What are the best ways to promote your company brand and culture to candidates?

How do you know if you have the right people in the right seats?

How can you entice a strong seller without overpaying? 

Why does your company have high turnover?

Talent development is a vital aspect of the sales and marketing industry and there is potential for tremendous gains when it’s done correctly. With the right people in the right roles you not only foster a sense of confidence within, you extend that feeling outward to your clients and cement a long-lasting, mutually beneficial bond. Many of the challenges that face this industry can be addressed through proper team alignment and in-focus sales and management recruiting. In the sales and marketing industry we know it’s not about discovering your challenges, it’s about implementing solutions.

Use our experience to find the tools you need to recruit a winning sales and marketing team.

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eBook: 10 Critical Mistakes Companies Make Trying to Hire Top Talent
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Recruiting Case Study - Quick Turn-around for Open Positions
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Recruiting Case Study - Providing Insight to unleash Your In-house Talent