We are a Performance Driven Recruiting Firm

Right Seats, Right People™ is our revolutionary process which identifies, attracts, hires, accurately measures and guarantees the quality of your hire - all at significant savings over traditional contingent recruiters.

We have a proven process, customizable for your unique hiring needs, that’s guaranteed to deliver results. Let’s talk. 

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Here's What We Do

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Our Hiring Process

Build the Right Seat, Hire the Right Person

At Titus Talent, we look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart and The Briefcase for hiring success.
Our process for hiring will equip you with the framework and tools you need to put the right people
in the right seats, at any level of your organization.

The Head
The Head
Behavioral Attributes and Cognitive Ability
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The Heart
The Heart
Value-Alignment, Motivators, Interests
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The Briefcase
The Briefcase
Professional Achievement Profile
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What Sets Us Apart

Titus Talent Strategies is a high-performance and value-driven organization. Here are the key things that make us unique:

We sit on your side of the table (a trusted advisor; client centric)
Performance-based Hiring & The Predictive Index Principles (right hire; right seat; right team)
Defined, measurable & transparent process
Guaranteed Performance
Training – We love knowledge transfer to our Partners       


Titus Talent Strategies

Our Story

Titus Talent Strategies was born out of frustration with the traditional recruiting model and a passion for a better way to do business. The resume flinging, prioritization of candidates over clients and speed over quality, and lack of accountability of traditional recruiting left our CEO, Jonathan Reynolds, wanting more. That’s why he, and our President Scott Seefeld, decided that there had to be a better way, a way that produced real results and created lasting partnerships – and Titus was born.

We're Different by Design because we put our People First and implement a proven process that guarantees results. Come see for yourself!

Our Why

For us, the foundation of our culture is in the prioritization of our values. It’s our People, our Partners, and then our profits – in that order. We have chosen to prioritize our team over our Partners and profits, and make every decision accordingly. By doing this, we believe that our outstanding People, will WOW our Partners, which in turn will bring healthy profits to invest in our People and our community.  

We’ve committed to giving $30 million to our local and global communities by 2030. When you Partner with Titus, you help make that happen. 

Jonathan Reynolds

If you care more about your marketing, financials, systems, quality or products than your People, then I question the sustainability of your organization. If you focus on building the best company culture, everything else just works and you and your customers will be sure to win!"

Jonathan Reynolds
CEO of Titus Talent Strategies