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Changing the Face of Recruiting

Titus RPI represents a game-changer in professional placement. With better outcomes and lower costs, our recruiting consultants work side-to-side with your internal team – like having an aggressive, in-house headhunter dedicated full-time to your candidate search.

Finding the Best Candidates

We're specialists in identifying and recruiting qualified passive candidates at competitor firms in your industry. These high-achievers aren't surfing job boards or browsing the want ads – they're too busy making a difference for their current employers.

To attract top-performers, you need to offer more than a new gig – you need to provide their next career challenge. RPI consultants know the kind of presentation it takes to grab the attention of these cream-of-the-crop candidates.


Making Us Your Advocate

Traditional contingency recruiters are paid a commission on the candidate they "sell" you. They don't get paid if you don't hire. This leads to recruiters focusing on the "easy fill", the largest client fee and juggling multiple companies simultaneously – which are losing propositions for you.

It's like having an aggressive, in-house headhunter dedicated
full-time to your candidate search.

RPI is different. We're paid for the dedicated search we perform on an hourly rate basis. Our only interest is finding you the right candidate for the job. We become a part of your team. And thanks to this revolutionary approach, RPI clients save as much as 75% over traditional fee-based contingency recruiters.

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Reaching Beyond Job Descriptions

Our consulting expertise gives us the edge in really understanding your company, your workplace culture, and your candidate requirements.

RPI independently evaluates candidate experience and competencies, providing you with a risk-mitigated hiring process. And our evaluative capabilities cover the length and breadth of the management spectrum – right on up to C-level executives.

Reporting in Detail

Week-by-week, you receive in-depth reports to track the step-by-step vetting process for candidates we've identified. At project completion, you'll own a database of qualified candidates with proven performance in your industry– a valuable recruiting tool for months or even years to come.

Teaching You How to Fish

We do more than just fill empty seats. If your talent acquisition process is broken, we can show you how to fix it by putting our consulting skills to work and teaching your staff how to recruit using our proven methods. We don't just land the big fish – we'll show you how to fish, too.

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