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A message from Jonathan Reynolds, CEO of Titus Talent Strategies


Many organizations hope for a diverse workforce, but few have a clear understanding of the why, what, and how behind diversity initiatives. A diverse workforce doesn’t happen by accident! Sign up today to learn all the secrets behind recruiting a diverse workforce.

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February 23rd - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm CST

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Audience: Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters, Leaders


If these issues sound familiar, then this certification is the right investment for you. 

  • Lack of clarity on types of diversity and how they impact your organization 
  • Lack of clarity on your organization’s messaging surrounding diversity 
  • Disorganized selection process 
  • Struggling to find the diversity you’re looking for in candidate searches 
  • Limited methods for sourcing candidates 
  • Attempts at diversity initiatives are controversial or misunderstood 
  • Not knowing where to start when it comes to recruiting diverse candidates 
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This training is divided into 3 parts:

Part I: Defining and attracting diverse talent. In this session, we start with the “why” behind recruiting diverse talent. We help you articulate your diversity needs and goals, and how to attract the talent you’re looking for. 

 Part II: Sourcing diverse talent. In this session, we equip you with tools to find the diverse talent you’re after. A deep dive into the language of search empowers you to find your desired candidates faster.  

Part III: After securing a diverse pipeline of candidates, it’s time to focus on ensuring our selection process is fair. In this session, we cover what to measure, how to measure it, and what not to measure, all with the goal of hiring the best candidate for the job.