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Learning Built to Last

Our aim isn’t just to deliver training; it’s to provide learning solutions that last the long term. We utilize the method of adult learning in designing our virtual L&D programs so that the learnings truly stick and lead to changed behaviors.

Listed below are just a few of our Learning & Development offerings and events. You can save your seat for a specific course or fill out the form at the bottom to get more information. For a limited time only, you can now purchase 2 seats for one of our courses and get a third seat for FREE! 

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Feedback As A Gift Team Training

Audience: Teams of 2 or more people
Date: March 15th 
10 am - 11 am ct

Companies with a feedback culture have a significant competitive advantage. When people feel safe to give and receive feedback across all levels of the company, they can quickly grow and learn together while building trust. In this training, we’ll cover how teams can give and receive feedback in a way that unleashes trust and taps into hidden potential within your team. 

Managers-into-Coaches-02 (1)

The Coaching Difference

Date: march 29th
11 am - 12 pm ct

According to the Human Capital Institute, 51% of organizations with strong coaching cultures report a higher revenue than similar companies. In this training, we train leaders to use coaching skills to empower their employees. These skills include self-awareness, curious inquiry, open listening, and transformational feedback.

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