engineeringBy engaging Titus Talent Strategies, we actually saved $50,400 on our first three hires compared to the fees charged by our former contingent partners.

Director of Operations, Global Aerospace Company

We know that no two engineering companies are alike; each one faces unique challenges especially in this specialized field, but the engineering industry does have some common core problems that our clients face regularly.

Do your current outside engineering recruiters have the capability to properly articulate your company’s technology to potential candidates?

In this tight engineering talent market, does your company use a creative approach to attract top candidates?

Is your company’s engineering recruiting and hiring process taking too long?

Engineering may be one of the most dynamic industries in the 21st century with new advances coming at lightning speed and the world constantly demanding more, faster. We address engineering recruiting issues and share our insights with content designed to help you and your organization move past these hurdles. We want you to have the tools and knowledge necessary to hire and develop talent that will make you capable of overcoming your people challenges and realizing new opportunities.

Read further and begin engineering your success with our support. 

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Recruiting Case Study - Providing Insight to unleash Your In-house Talent
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