construction"We have found that Titus Talent Strategies places a strong emphasis on written and verbal communication which keeps our hiring managers, executives, and human resources team all on the same page at every step of the sourcing and candidate selection process."

Talent Manager, Regional Construction Company

We know that no two construction companies are alike; each one faces unique challenges but there are always these recurring themes.

Are you struggling to retain your top employees?

Do you use travel, car allowance and per diems in addition to salary to attract top construction talent?

Are you losing top talent due to your compensation packages?

How are you developing a strong candidate pipeline to stay ahead of your competition in the construction recruiting talent war?

If one or more of these questions applies to your company, we invite you to read a little further. We delve deeper into construction recruiting specific challenges that deal with talent in the technology age, development of people, hiring in a strong regulatory environment and the need to be nimble in a constantly evolving industry. In this quick-paced environment staying on top of what you need to know to attract and retain the best talent is time consuming at best, which is why we pull it together in one place for you.

You simply can’t afford to fall behind, so rely on our construction recruiting resources that can strengthen your company from the inside out.

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eBook: 10 Critical Mistakes Companies Make Trying to Hire Top Talent
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