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financeIt became evident during our “kickoff” conversation that we had chosen the right partner in Titus Talent Strategies.  Our dedicated recruiting team asked questions that were very pointed towards financial aptitude as well as ensuring they understood the culture of our company.

CFO, Large Structural Engineering Firm

 While we all know that no two accounting and finance companies are alike, there are key talent issues that continue to crop up and need to be addressed.

How do you know if you need a CFO, Controller or Accountant?

Does personality fit really matter for a general accountant role?

How can you attract a better caliber of candidates in accounting recruiting?

In addition to tackling these questions, we also delve into ways your finance recruiting team can help attract new business, develop talent from within while simultaneously pulling the best accounting recruits into your fold, and attract strong financial talent that understands client expectations and consistently over-delivers. Our accounting and finance industry specific research helps you identify your hurdles and soar over them.

Chart a new path to success with strong talent initiatives in accounting and finance recruiting that can lead to exceptional growth for your organization.

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eBook: 10 Critical Mistakes Companies Make Trying to Hire Top Talent
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